Hemerocallis 'Lady Margaret'

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ON SPECIAL - Lady Margaret Daylilly.  They may not flower for long but when they do the flowers are very eye catching.

An ideal plant for adding interest to a sunny flower garden or mass planted around shrubs.

Reserve full sunlight or light shade area in your garden to plant daylilies. Daylilies like sunshine but be careful not intense hot areas, they do not grow well in completely dry soil. Daylilies also like an average amount of moisture in the soil but will not be happy in soils that are water logged. Give them water regularly during their first one or two growing seasons. Their flowers will be larger and will bloom richer if regularly watered in the first part of the season.

After blooming has finished, leave the foliage in place, don't cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight and will provide nourishment for the next year's show. Your daylilies will need rest for a few months, before beginning the next growing season.

The foliage will die back over winter but then come back again in spring.

They grow around 30cms high and the plant will multiply.

These are in a 1 Lt Pot.

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